FFXIV World Race for Charity (Eden’s Promise)

VIDEO GAME: Final Fantasy XIV
WHERE: twitch.tv/Frosty_TV
WHEN: DEC. 8TH 1:00 AM PST – DEC. 10TH 1:00AM PST


FFXIV World Race for Charity (Eden’s Promise) was an online event to raise money for Child’s Play. By the end of the event, over $17,000 was raised with an average viewership of 3,000 viewers on Twitch over the course of 48 hours. It was sponsored by Lenovo.

Description: The event was focused on providing coverage on teams attempting to clear newly released content for the massively multiplayer online game, Final Fantasy XIV. The game is part of a franchise published and produced by Square Enix. It has a large and diverse online community, but some of it’s most popular content is the in game raiding. This is where 8 players come together to attempt to defeat a boss. Two or three times a year, there will be a new set of bosses for players to try to defeat. Many teams will attempt to be some of the first in the world to defeat the new bosses. Since this content is released at the exact same time everywhere around the world, it’s called the world race. During the event, we have commentators follow the action and discuss what’s happening on screen.

Event Organizer
Frosty (Director/Producer, Host, Stream Control, Event Management)

On Screen Staff
Ethys Asher (Stream Control, Commentary)
Pookajutsu (Stream Control, Commentary)
Harry (Stream Control, Commentary)
ItsKasa (Stream Control, Commentary, Stream Overlay Assets)
Komi (Stream Control, Commentary)
Fold (Analyst)
FamouslyJess (Host)
Layla (Analyst)
Balana (Analyst)
CrevLM (Host)
Lythi (Host)
Rogue (Host)
Miunih (Analyst)
Nemekh (Analyst)
Winlogon (Analyst)

Off Screen Staff
MoogleTroupe (Stream Tech)
Ami (Art)
Joly (Art)
Yuni (Art)
Brian Ricardo (Race Tracking)
Athena Weiss (Race Tracking)
Dudeitsantonio (Race Tracking)
Riunia (Race Tracking)
DeeNugLife (Chat Moderation)
Josgar (Chat Moderation)
Spofie (Chat Moderation)
TAG (Chat Moderation)
TequillaShots (Chat Moderation)
Tahleuh (Chat Moderation)
DarianHart (Chat Moderation)
Shleb (Chat Moderation)
Sors (Chat Moderation)